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Post  HeightsFinest on Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:23 pm

Ok well to clear things up, their are three types of classes. Mixing is allowed, within reason. All mixes lose properties of whole types.

*New* No werewolves/vamps or vamps/werewolves


1.Vampires: Super-strong and fast. Highly durable to attacks, but weal against holy water, steaks and inferior in strength to werewolves. Vampires have the highest amount of magic. (Mixes lose: Partial strength, number of spells and Agility. Gain resistance to holy items)

2.Werewolves: The strongest of the three races, but inferior to magic. Have the highest Stamina of all three races, but are weak against, silver items and magic. (Mixes lose: Partial strength and stamina, gain higher resistance to silver)

3.Humans: Are the weakest physically of the three races, have adequate magic abilities, and the lowest stamina. Have access to many intricate jobs which can help them against the other races. Has the highest opportunity of the three races. (Have no weaknesses, can be converted to any side.)


Strength: 2/5
Stamina: 3/5
Speed: 3/5

Strength: 4/5
Stamina: 4/5
Speed: 5/5

Strength: 5/5
Stamina: 5/5
Speed: 3/5
(Half-Vampire, Half-Human)

Strength: 3/5
Stamina: 4/5
Speed: 4/5

Jobs: All races have the ability to gain a job, some are exclusive, and humans have the most variety.

Vampires: Spies, Bounty Hunters, Instrumentais, Necromancers

Werewolves: Spies, Bounty Hunters, Necromancers

Humans: Bounty Hunters, Engineers, Spell-Casters, Scientists, Instrumentais, Necromancers, Banishers

Job's info:

1.Spies: Gain information on other races, and can automatically steal one item from shops, per week. If the item is under 100 gold, then it is per week. For every steal made that is over 100 gold, you must wait two weeks to steal again. Can enter other areas without getting noticed, except by hunters.

2. Bounty Hunters: Gain the most pay out of all jobs (20 gold more), are able to hunt other characters that they are assigned for money, can detect spies and are able to post bounties on other hunters. (If you choose this, after you make your char, please sign up here: )

3.Engineers: Can create Machines that are stronger than normal weapons and other such devices. Are not allowed to summon, but can use materials to create items, can create silver bullets for free. Only race allowed to create weapons such as cannons (at the cost of materials).

4.Spell-Casters: Are allowed two elements and lowered magic cost (-10mp). Gain 20mp more than others, when they begin. Are allowed immunity from one element, although at the cost of no guns. no weapons other than a basic iron sword/dagger, etc...

5.Scientists: Are able to make stat increasing potions (strength, stamina, etc..) without the need of materials, and gain a discount from item shops (-20 gold). Cannot summon, but have the ability to turn into 3 forms, each form adds the ability to use one more element (only one) during the time that they are of that form. (starts with one, gains the others as they progress)

6.Instrumentais: Must use an instrument as a weapon, and use their instruments ranging from spell use to hand to hand combat (Gain the element of Sound, which is impervious to all elemental attacks) (can use one of any other elemental affinity. Making the person a water instrumenta, fire instrumenta, etc...). Instrumentais also gain the benefit of Concerto, which is a type of technique in which the user can use 3 of their techniques in a row (attacks do more damage, but concertos must cost the sum of all three techniques but have the bonus of -10mp. so say its like 50mp+30mp+20mp=100mp, you would deduce 10 so its 100mp-10mp=90mp). Concertos come with the drawback that the user must be still in order to perform. Groups of Instrumentais can be deadly, as they can use their instruments in collaboration. As an added bonus, instrumentais can perform a concerto as a trio, one doing a spell each.

7. Necromancers- Masters of the dark arts, have the ability called Mp drain- which does just as the name suggests, but can only be unlocked once they reach 100posts. They also have the ability Changing hearts- which allows them to control an opponents summon for 3 posts, at the cost of 50mp. Both these skills can only be used once. As an added bonus, Necromancers are immune to dark magic, but weaker against light.

8. Banishers- Arcane masters of the light, these holy spellcasters are the only ones who can resist the mp drain spell of the Necromancers. They have an immunity to light magic and a weakness to dark magic, and they have there own 3 custom spells. Mp transfer- which is the ability to transfer their mp to other users, able to use without unlocking it first. Banish- which is an ability which can be used by sacrificing 100mp, they can banish an opponents summon for 1 rp topic. They also have Sealing- which is the sealing of 1 opponents spell or a summons spell, for 5 turns at the cost of 50mp.

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