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Event: Monster Busting Phase (Beta) (rules) (unfinished)

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Event: Monster Busting Phase (Beta) (rules) (unfinished)

Post  HeightsFinest on Thu Apr 09, 2009 4:09 pm

Ok well since I wanted to get things up and running again, I decided to make this event. The Monster Busting Phase, is a typical hunting rp, only with this, the monsters come to you and you only need to play as you. Now since this is still a Beta version, the rules will be much simpler.

There will be a number of monsters that will appear during any rp's made as of now (date of termination will be posted). Any rpers that want to participate must have a (M) as a symbol in the title of their rp. Monsters will have hitpoints and as of now there is a simple way to determine how attacks will damage. Spells= 10mp is 10 damage, 20=20, etc..
Normal attacks= 1 slash or hit with weapon=3 damage, physical= 2 damage.

The monster list is as follows (again only beta so monsters arent as strong or refined):

3.Zombies (Differ on animals or people)
4.Elementals (will differ so every rp is original ^^)

Ok so those are the cliche monsters, now on to some fun ones

5. Dreadfull Tree
6. Black Witch
7. Black cat-Small monster, although doesent attack, can have an effect when dice rolled.
8. Trap magician-can cause effects by dice roll
9. Living Statues
10. Giants (weapons differ)


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