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Character Profile Rules

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Character Profile Rules

Post  Brooke on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:09 am

1. Users must create original characters; you cannot have a character who is preexisting, such as from animes, games, mangas, stories, movies, etc...

2. Character histories must contain at least 10 full sentences.

3. Recommended but not necessarily enforced, try to stray away from the stereotypical 15-16 year old teen from a small town. Young Adults, Adults and even the Elderly are all available, create someone unique, a character with character.

4. Characters contain nothing, no items, weapons, etc... from the start. All of these must be posted and approved in the appropriate section. Note: This does not mean your character cannot have items that are vital to his/her character, just means you'll need to get those approved.

5. Do not stray from the template. Do not add anything that is not on it, and do your best to fill it out completely. If you need help, feel free to contact HeightsFinest or Brooke. They would be happy to help you along the process and formulate ideas for your character.

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