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RP Rules

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RP Rules

Post  Brooke on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:09 am

1. One Character per account. Members cannot use more then one character. If a user wants to change a character, a notice must be given to an admin and must be accepted by said admin. (Keep this acceptance notice as proof).

2. User's cannot use creations (Characters, weapons, spells, etc...) that has not been approved. If this is done, the user will receive a warning.

3. No stealing others ideas or creations. Create your own. Contact admins if this is an honest mistake. Users may receive a warning and creation will be unapproved.

4. When role playing, do not God Mod. God Modding is basically the act of controlling a situation, an event, a fight without giving room for others to act or react, or not paying attention to others actions. An example would be: "Dave jumps into the air, dodging all of Bills bullets. Thrusts his blade into Bill and kills him." As you can see, the user Bill was unable to react such as defend or evade, and Bills attacks where just evaded without even a chance of hit. God modding is a Big no no, and if a user is found doing this, drastic warning and possibly ban may result if continuous god modding is found being done.

5. Although relationships between characters are accepted, it is not recommended if it is not to move along the story. Many times role play relationships get out of hand and can lead to a lot of unnecessary drama, so refrain from making boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. If it is absolutely needed, keep it in role play and do not extend the relationship out of the role play situation in order to avoid complications.

6. Users must ask an mod or admin if they want to change their character (or get rid of their character), weapons, or other creations. It cannot be done by oneself.

7. If a user must be gone from the site for an extended period of time, they must leave a notice of their absence, so that mods/admins and even other users who are in topics with them can be informed. If not informed, users may continue the topic after 72 hours without the absent user.

8. Users cannot use creations in topics that where started before the approval of said creation if a fight has already commenced in the topic. (Example; User A is in a topic. User A decides to make new sword. User A then wants to use the sword in the topic they are in. If a fight has already started, then the user cannot use the creation he has just made. If there is no fight, than User A can go on and role play with it in the topic).

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