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Bounty Region!!!

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Bounty Region!!!

Post  HeightsFinest on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:35 pm

Ok well I definatly need to put this up, mainly cause its too dangerous without a warning

Ok the Bounty Region is the only region in this site where anyone can get killed in battle, regardless if they accept it or not. So take extreme caution when going there, for your sakes, since bounty hunters are likely to target members who go there. The only areas that are safe is the bar...sometimes and the Arena, course the arena is the bloodiest place here.

Well either ways, unless your really confidant, id suggest not to go to the bounty region without backup, and make sure you trust that backup.

One other note, make sure your not there at a specific date, since the most wanted man alive, 1000 zeros appears in the dessert at a specific time, and trust me he will kill you on sight. And if anyone is asking why hes the most dangerous bounty hunter, take this into concideration..The amount of his bounty is his name, so that is 10000000...etc

This has been a public service announcement
...Glad they signed the wavers

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