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Member Protection Act

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Member Protection Act

Post  HeightsFinest on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:12 pm

These rules have been made in the case that any users in power, mods/admins, abuse their power, that they will be punished accordingly to the crimes/violations they have committed. These rules must be followed by administration and mods and are already agreed to if any user gains promotion.

1. Any change in post, unless minor, the admin/mod must send a notice in advance or after of the change and why it had to happen. Any change of whole posts or large quantities, for any malicious intent. Or the neglect of notifying users, can and will be punished accordingly.

2. No admin/mod can revoke a membership/ban a user without good reason, that of which must be stated, if not this can result to decommission of admin/mod status, and in serious cases, ban.

3. No admin/mod can deny an approval unless the member in question has been unwilling to consent to the template. If a member has filled out the template accordingly, a admin must approve unless the said char/spell/mag, unreasonable or godmoddy. This is important, because many mods decide to not approve because they don't like the person or because they want the other users idea. This can result to a high punishment depending on the offense.

Yes an admin/mod does deserve respect for their services, but all admins/mods must also respect their fellow members, unless ofcourse the user/users have been hostile or unreasonable. Admin/Mod is a title, it does not make you better than a person, it only means you have the job to regulate the site, within their seperate boundaries. Please try to respect others as you would also like to be respected.

As for every rule listed, minor to serious punishments will be handed out to those who break these rules. The punishments will be handed out by Heights, Rika, or Julez, based off good proof and evidence, and all serious punishments must be posted in a separate topic.

The people make the site, all members deserve to be protected, They are the blood that keeps this site alive. With this I leave you these rules, to be regulated and added on to, only with approval of the main admins.

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