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Site Rules

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Site Rules

Post  HeightsFinest on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:08 pm

Ok, these rules are to be followed without question, breaking these rules can result in according punishments. All members when creating an account automatically agree to the rules listed and will accept the punishments dealt out if a rule is broken.

One: There will be no use of profanity in this site, no F-word, S-word, etc. Members found to be abusing this rule will be handed a warning, frequent offenders will have their accounts suspended.

Two:No abusive language. This also includes racial, gender, sexual orientation and all other forms of prejudice. If a member is found to be abusing this rule they face being removed and banned from this site.

Three: No God-modding, I cannot emphasize this enough, please refrain from doing so. This can result in a high punishment, according to how serious the act was.

Four: Only one account per member. Multiple accounts will receive a warning before deletion. If you want a new one, delete the old one (But ask for permission first. Keep proof of permission.)

Five: All templates must be followed for approval, if the template is not followed, you must fix it until it is, otherwise, no approval. Mods and admins will make sure this rule is followed.

Six: You cannot kill a character, without a members consent. NPC characters will be accepted, but only those killed in missions will increase your bounty.

Seven: If you have a personal issue or fight with someone from this site, take it up in pm, or we will be forced to either lock or delete your topic and if serious, ban the users temporarily until they cool down. Please, no one should have to deal with childish games, be respectful and keep it low profile.

Eight: No inappropriate names or user names. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to change their user name. If it has not been changed after 24 hours of notification, the account will be deleted (Assuming member has not responded to the notice). Ask an admin if you need help with it. (Naming extends to everything, characters, weapons, etc..)

Nine: No Spamming. Basically don't post 3 times in a row without a notice of why and also don't post just to post. Post with a purpose. Note the only way to rack up points is by posting in RP sections so spamming wont help, but it still wont be tolerated. (Spamming extends to sending PMs too much. If we get complaints, it will be dealt with (Of course evidence is needed.))

Ten: Limit size on images. All pictures (excluding avatars and banners, they have their own sizes.) must be put in spoilers if they are excessively big. Basically anything that stretches the screen is too big. Avatars must follow a size of no more than 150x150, and Banners must follow a size of no more than 200x600

Eleven: No inappropriate images. Simple, and will be dealt with if it occurs.

Twelve: Users cannot post suggestions if they are not active (Make purpose filled posts regularly). Otherwise it just seems they are here to sit and point out flaws, and nobody needs that.

Thriteen: Do not steal content from us. Any ideas you see here, anything you may want to implement that was inspired or came from us, cannot be used without approval from site creators. If stealing has been done, members will be banned. When using any of our content, gain permission and give us credit on your site or forum.

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